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ire / гнев, ярость, досада
имя существительное
anger, wrath, rage, fury, ire, passion
fury, rage, anger, wrath, ire, rampage
annoyance, vexation, chagrin, nuisance, disappointment, ire
имя существительное
the plans provoked the ire of conservationists
This aspect of the government has led to ire on the part of employees and political activists.
The idea had merit, and he could explain it to the rest of his family without drawing their ire .
The only person on the boat whose ire they did not care to engage was the doctor's.
the plans provoked the ire of conservationists
Media excesses or lapses are condoned by a public which reserves its ire for the political class.
Once he vents his ire , the sting in his words are powerful barbs that never miss the mark.
It was a pointed but ultimately feeble attempt to rouse more ire against the chief executive.
Healy still goes online to read it from time to time, to stoke his ire anew.
In the coming years, we will see that his ire , if anything, was far too restrained.
For all its ire and bombast, there's rarely blood spilt, ground shifted or damage done.