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irate / разгневанный, сердитый, гневный
имя прилагательное
angry, irate, wroth
angry, grumpy, irate, cross, gruff, sullen
angry, wrathful, irate, ireful, wrathy, rageful
имя прилагательное
feeling or characterized by great anger.
a barrage of irate letters
Having to explain to irate passengers why you can't take their money when the stupid new ticket machines are broken.
The fare increases have been branded outrageous by one irate passenger - and incredible by a driver.
In response, we may become irate , frustrated, jealous, furiously angry and even violent.
On the other, a cluster of irate worshippers, furious that their mosque had been violated.
Somewhere between Colorado and New Mexico he got into a fight with an irate florist.
Fifty years ago it was, according to an irate letter writer in the Evening Press.
Police are investigating claims that a teenager was dragged around a Swindon supermarket by an irate shopper.
The only response to The Peak's inflammatory headline was a few mildly irate letters.
Father and uncle head off to search for the kid; Dan soon has to field a call from an irate Amanda demanding to know why her son is missing.
The most irate members of the public were town centre residents and members of the business sector.