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ionizer / ионизатор
имя существительное
a device that produces ionization, especially one used to improve the quality of the air in a room.
According to the company's president, the bulb uses no toxic chemicals, is more cost-effective than HEPA filters and air ionizers , which only trap airborne particles.
During operation of the electrical ionizer , the output voltage value of the ion balance sensor is compared with the set point voltage value.
And I won't venture a guess as to how many customers will be as thrilled about the integrated air ionizer as to prefer this model to others…
The third electrode may also be used to switch the mode of operation of the discharge source from a gas phase ionizer to an electrospray ionizer .
Bailey W. Mitchell, an agricultural engineer, developed the ionizer system, in cooperation with veterinarian Henry D. Stone.
The cylindrical, polished glass cuvette (outer diameter of 10 mm) was run under an ionizer to minimize unwanted light scatter and static charge before each experiment.
The ionizer for the main reactor was torn to shreds.
A special brush is supplied with the monitor to clean the ionizer as its gets dusty with use.
The software allows for complete head control with mass scale tuning, sensitivity calibration, and ionizer setup.
This system helps to prolong the life of the ionizer .
The supercharged ionizer / dust collection system appears able to do the job.