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iodize / подвергать действию йода
подвергать действию йода
treat or impregnate with iodine.
iodized salt
Thirty percent of the salt is produced by the non - licensed sector - overall the private sector handles 94% of salt iodisation with the Public sector handling a miniscule 6%.
For almost 60 years, the main dietary sources of iodine were not from iodized salt, but from flour products and dairy products.
It is often mixed with iodine (and called iodized salt) and often contains anti-caking agents.
A quarter teaspoon of iodized salt provides about 90 mcg of iodine.
Besides treating patients during my visits, I chose to give talks on the importance of afforestation and use of iodised salt.
Sadly, the most easily-attainable sources for iodine are iodized salt and sea products, both of which can be taboo for pregnant women.
When the suitably iodized salt was subsequently used prophylactically throughout Otago, there was a dramatic decline in the incidence of goitre in the populace of this province.
Since the 1920s, the prevalence of goitre has decreased as iodised table salt became widely used.
He believes that with the right commitment and effort from the Indonesian government, the country can achieve universal salt iodization .
Ever since the ban was revoked four years ago the consumption of iodised salt in India has dropped by up to 44% in some states, sparking concerns about the re-emergence of iodine deficiency disorders.