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inwardly / внутрь, внутренне, внутри
inside, in, inward, inwardly, inwards, inland
internally, inwardly, inwards, inward, inly
inside, within, in, inwardly, indoors, inland
(of a particular thought, feeling, or action) registered or existing in the mind but not expressed to others.
inwardly seething, he did as he was told
He put on a show of bravado, but inwardly he was seeking any way out of his predicament.
I did my share of flirting and went home at a decent hour with my husband, sighing inwardly .
He inwardly groaned, he was never going to get out of it now, and he did not relish waking her up.
she winced inwardly when she realised she had just as good as asked how her date with Josh the Wonderful had gone.
The film's characters are so inwardly focused that they only rarely emerge from a neurotic bubble.
Outwardly you become a very confident person, but inwardly not at all.
The design was astounding and it made me weep inwardly that it would be so easy to bring it back.
If there's a horror fan alive who does not inwardly cringe at the doom-laden sound of slow creaking, they must be deaf.
Faith's heart sank with those words, and she cursed herself inwardly for swallowing her pride and coming to him.
I am growling inwardly , and I keep finding non-existent excuses to disappear for coffee.