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inward / внутрь, внутренне
inside, in, inward, inwardly, inwards, inland
internally, inwardly, inwards, inward, inly
имя прилагательное
interior, internal, inner, domestic, inside, inward
направленный внутрь
inward, in, indrawn
обращенный внутрь
имя существительное
inside, entrails, viscera, inwards, inward, innards
внутренняя сторона
inside, interior, inward, within
имя прилагательное
directed or proceeding toward the inside; coming in from outside.
the inward rush of air
toward the inside.
the door began to swing inward
It is a common fault for a swimmer to start turning the head for the inward breath before the forward hand has entered the water.
We'll look at all of these as we journey inward to our soul, outward to our world, and together into our community.
The Ancient ones slowly became bored of our land and slowly faded away, becoming more inward and secretive, within years they were all but legend.
As soon as the horse begins to turn, which should happen inward toward the center and you, and as his flanks are in front of you, you drive them as before by stepping in towards them.
His mind was still fixed inward , on the self he so loathed.
To many what most mattered was the inward purification of the soul; sacrifices, images, and external ceremonies of any kind were a distraction, at best symbols.
He began to look inward to his soul and he discovered that he could no longer reconcile his life in the material world and his quest for higher spiritual truth.
She turned her face inward towards his shirt, breathing in deeply, then exhaling, her breath tickling his chest through the material.
Manufacturing a swamped barrel involves tapering it inward towards the center point and flaring the muzzle and breech ends outward for balance.
To the lay reader, may I repeat the Government's basic proposal, which is to stop any stock moving off a farm for a 20-day period following an inward movement onto the farm.