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involved / вовлеченный, замешанный, сложный
имя прилагательное
involved, engaged
complex, complicated, sophisticated, compound, intricate, involved
имя прилагательное
connected or concerned with someone or something, typically on an emotional or personal level.
Angela told me that she was involved with someone else
difficult to comprehend; complicated.
a long, involved conversation
(of a situation or event) include (something) as a necessary part or result.
his transfer to another school would involve a lengthy assessment procedure
In the past, the Law Society has said that there could be an involved process if it were to seek to investigate such cases.
Actually the conversation was slightly more involved than that, but that was how it basically went.
She does not regret her decision but admits that there are more emotional issues involved than she had initially considered.
I had thought about writing a long and involved piece on how the reality of prepared food rarely comes close to the ideal.
When all of them descend on a small Ohio town, the complications are hilariously involved and tuneful.
I have been accused of being too deeply involved and emotional when it comes to choosing rods.
This is quite a complex and involved question with a number of points to be addressed.