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involution / запутанность, возведение в степень, затейливость
имя существительное
involvement, entanglement, complexity, intricacy, complication, involution
возведение в степень
quaintness, involution
имя существительное
the shrinkage of an organ in old age or when inactive, e.g., of the uterus after childbirth.
Routine sections revealed normal thymic tissue with fatty involution and no evidence of tumor.
a function, transformation, or operator that is equal to its inverse, i.e., which gives the identity when applied to itself.
In his text Traité de géométrie in 1852 Chasles discusses cross ratio, pencils and involutions , all notions which he introduced.
the process of involving or complicating, or the state of being involved or complicated.
periods of artistic involution
In ‘Mister Squishy,’ the story about the focus group, the main character, Terry Schmidt, is strewn about in this medium, a strange involution of tone and form.
This work contains fundamental ideas of projective geometry such as the cross-ratio, perspective, involution and the circular points at infinity.
He is also remembered by those working in algebraic geometry for his discovery of an involution , now named after him.
Routine sections revealed normal thymic tissue with fatty involution and no evidence of tumor.
periods of artistic involution
And like, a dear friend of mine, a lawyer had said, ‘that we should be involved in the process of evolution and not in the process of involution .’
In other words, it is a process of involution with Puram Shiva getting involved increasing with each step and descending to the stage where it look as physical.
periods of artistic involution
Short dry periods provide insufficient time for regeneration and involution of mammary gland tissue.
The result is an irreversible and progressive process of involution as death approaches.