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invoice / счет, фактура, накладная
имя существительное
account, score, bill, invoice, count, scoring
texture, invoice, account, bill of parcels
invoice, waybill, consignment, delivery note, bill of lading, bill of parcels
выписывать счет
выписывать фактуру
имя существительное
a list of goods sent or services provided, with a statement of the sum due for these; a bill.
This master file then automatically generates key documents such as commercial invoices , packing lists, bills of exchange, and beneficiary certificates in minutes.
send an invoice to (someone).
If it is an issue, invoice me for the trip and I will send you an account for the full amount of my professional fees.
In the north - east of Scotland this means that 2500 companies invoice BP for services, although 95% of this total is just over 300 companies.
They required paying in cash (no surprises there), but Bill's mum had told Bill's dad that they would invoice us.
You can even request to see the factory invoice , which lists manufacturer-to-dealer incentives and rebates.
The company will accept your letter as an order to produce the detailed specification and will invoice you on completion of this work whether or not your scheme progresses to the execution stage.
One, from mid-March, tells me to hot-foot it back with the books or else they'll invoice me for them.
I've sent an invoice , statements, reminders, and a final demand which I delivered in person.
The Carrier would invoice the Companies for the freight services provided.
We will invoice him our European retail price without tax.
We expect to be paid £1.3m in March to cover the cost of equipment but the order will be completed only in August and the manufacturer will then invoice us for that amount.
I may, however, invoice her for 10,500 CDs the first time she asks me to co-sign a loan.