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invocation / вызов, заклинание, мольба
имя существительное
call, challenge, invocation, summons, defiance, dare
spell, incantation, mantra, invocation, conjuration, exorcism
pleading, plea, supplication, prayer, entreaty, invocation
имя существительное
the action of invoking something or someone for assistance or as an authority.
the invocation of new disciplines and methodologies
his invocation of the ancient mystical powers
It may even have been a fine speech - his closing passage, with its invocation of his family's suffering under Hitler, was unusual and quietly emotional.
The most recent invocation came during a press conference this week in which the CPC Central Committee's Organization Department deputy head Li Jingtian fielded questions from the press.
The cycle of weekly liturgies, the daily routine of morning prayer and evening song, and the unceasing invocation of the name of Jesus were intimately connected and interactively life-giving as blood cells in a body.
In On Belief, Zizek in effect counters Lewis's argument with his invocation of the existential Heidegger.
Geoff was back, the invocation and anthem were over, and it was time to go racing.
That may not be the most compelling reason to stop the war, but it should certainly temper her teary-eyed invocation of soldier mythology.
I reproduce below Duggal's translation of the invocation and the first verse followed by my rendering of the same.
An excerpt from the landmark Supreme Judicial Court decision that legalized gay marriage was read as an invocation at the Unitarian Universalist church.
I have to tolerate mandatory formations being opened with an invocation by the chaplain.