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invitational / пригласительный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
(especially of a competition) open only to those invited.
Gymnasts can then participate in invitational competitions with their clubs.
имя существительное
a competition open only to those invited.
According to Gymnastics Canada, she competed in 21 international invitationals alone.
We plan to grow this into an invitational competition for hang gliding and paragliding.
The Warriors track and field team competed at the invitational Nike University of Toronto Track Classic this past weekend.
Hawaii's golf-perfect weather is an appropriate location for the invitational Eat It 2001 Golf Tournament at the scenic Ko Olina course.
I first met Joel Moxey sometime ago during one of the World invitational bonefishing championships.
In November 1981 Gerry was invited to Hong Kong to represent Ireland in an invitational superstars competition.
Again everything seemed to work out well for he was invited to play in Spain, then Germany to play in the World Championships - an invitational with a limited number of players from each country.
Sakala said clubs were free to use players from teams not selected or from anywhere else to play under their name since the tournament was invitational .
They may not be authentic anything, but they might still hold their own at the Jack Daniels invitational .
But without Duval, ranked No 3 in the world, Mickelson No 4, Westwood No 5, Montgomery No 6 and Love No 7, the tournament seems like a glorified club invitational .
At the invitational Copenhagen Master, which used the round-robin system, they failed to reach the final.