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invitation / приглашение
имя существительное
invitation, invite, call, engagement, bidding
имя существительное
a written or verbal request inviting someone to go somewhere or to do something.
a wedding invitation
You are supposed to accept every invitation which comes your way, in a spirit of communal egalitarianism.
Admission to tomorrow's 7.30 pm performance at Silsden Town Hall is by invitation only.
tactics like those of the colonel would have been an invitation to disaster
Its credo is simple: you should say ‘yes’ to every invitation that comes your way.
That is because changing the law would not only be an invitation to vigilantism but would run counter to the whole ethos of the common law tradition.
But more than anything else, it is an invitation to the artist in each one of us to test our drawing skills on paper.
Open to visitors by invitation only, the week has been planned primarily as a business event.
The impasse is an invitation to Ferdinand's suitors to make a bid.
Membership to the exclusive European-style restaurant is strictly by invitation only.
The next circle was the rest of the loyal audience - party members and supporters, attending by invitation only.