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inviolate / неоскверненный, нетронутый, ненарушенный
имя прилагательное
intact, untouched, pristine, virgin, untapped, inviolate
имя прилагательное
free or safe from injury or violation.
an international memorial which must remain inviolate
Like the 2-party system itself, there is little reason to argue that corporate charters are inviolate .
The mere existence of such a throwback in the modern world suggests an inviolate timelessness.
They both have an inviolate place into which no other can fit.
The concept of inviolate national sovereignty yielded to new mechanisms for the international enforcement of human rights.
Technically faultless and inviolate this is as smooth as painting gets at the start of the 21st century.
There is no engagement or invitation to the viewer, these women are self-sufficient and contained, inviolate even.
We do not sterilise people who have been convicted of violent offences against children because, however gruesome their crime, their person must remain inviolate .
Such criticism leaves the basic functions of the dominant stratum inviolate .
Think of the recognised classics of American cinema and they seem organic, inviolate .
But instead he chose to treat Eric's comments as an attack by an inviolate expert witness and to emphasise the negatives.