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invincible / непобедимый
имя прилагательное
invincible, unbeatable, unconquerable
имя прилагательное
too powerful to be defeated or overcome.
an invincible warrior
But those that do choose may be seriously misled into thinking that they are invincible .
Let South Asia truly become the invincible giant of the new millennium.
The British soldiers had to face the incompetence of their own commanders as well as the invincible Boer commandos in the field.
Proud and arrogant, they thought themselves secure and invincible .
The men believe the twins hold mystical powers that make them invincible in their battles against the Myanmar military.
Another reason people do not take out income protection insurance is because they see themselves as being invincible .
He helps breathe life into the vision of America as strong, the best, invincible .
First of all he was hesitant, and then he settled down and got on with it enthusiastically, making his case apparently invincible .
After it survived the 1993 bombing, people thought the towers were invincible .
The man once thought invincible faced a judge, called to answer charges of murder and torture.