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investiture / инвеститура, облачение, пожалование
имя существительное
vestment, habit, investiture, pall, vest, investment
имя существительное
the action of formally investing a person with honors or rank.
the investiture of bishops
After the investiture in 1364 of Philip the Bold as duke of Burgundy, the duchy of Burgundy became a cadet branch of the French royal house of Valois.
Russell was pleased to be given the OM, and went to Buckingham Palace for the investiture .
He did indeed go into exile rather than abandon his observance of the papal decree of 1099 condemning the lay investiture of clergy with churches and ecclesiastical offices.
The investiture of a university president - that is, the ceremony in which the authority and symbols of that office are first conferred - is a celebratory occasion, but it must also be an anxious one.
The castle earned itself a place in modern history on 1 July 1969 when it was the setting for the investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales.
Sir David Calvert-Smith, who collected the honour at an investiture at Buckingham Palace, said the Prince had sympathised with him over his difficult job.
The investiture conferred titles, responsibilities, and rewards, but it also entailed obedience.
Coming up: an audience with United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan and an investiture ceremony where he will be honoured by Queen Elizabeth.
He will formally receive the award from the NSW Governor, Professor Marie Bashir at an investiture at Government House on December 13.
The Imam is designated by a supernatural investiture coming from God by the intermediary of the Prophet or the Imam who has preceded him: he receives his authority from on high.