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investigative / исследовательский
имя прилагательное
research, exploratory, investigative, explorative, investigatory, probing
имя прилагательное
of or concerned with investigating something.
a special investigative committee to look into the strikers' demands
It is based on a true story, framed by an investigative journalist's interview with his elusive subject and told mostly in flashback.
Perhaps we should look more towards the investigative systems that operate across the continent.
It has been unfair at the investigative stage and it has been unfair at the trial stage, not so much the judge but the prosecutor.
Satisfyingly, the audience is allowed to do the investigative work themselves.
Pressure groups can appear as witnesses at the investigative hearings held by committees of Congress.
Ana Arana is an investigative journalist who has reported extensively on Latin America.
My next novel has a miscarriage of justice case but you won't find an investigative journalist or a copper in the background.
We sent award-winning investigative journalist Gregory Smith to ferret out the answers.
There is certainly the potential for a chilling effect on investigative journalism and for significant injustice.
The investigative personnel allege that this is consistent with international practice.