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investigation / расследование, исследование, следствие
имя существительное
investigation, inquiry, probe, inquisition, detection, probing
study, research, investigation, survey, examination, exploration
investigation, consequence, result, effect, consequent, inquiry
имя существительное
the action of investigating something or someone; formal or systematic examination or research.
he is under investigation for receiving illicit funds
The Ministry of Defence said the cause of the blast was still under investigation .
The cause of the fire has not been established and is still under investigation .
These algae occur on a worldwide basis but the final identity is still under investigation .
It was under investigation for substandard care and abusive treatment to its patients.
the results of an investigation into poverty
cardiac investigation
The attack is still under investigation by police and has not been made public until today.
He is also under investigation for opening up bogus shell companies to help his clients hide money.
The outbreak in Anglesey is at an abattoir which has been under investigation for some time.
A faculty member at the university who initiated the study is now under investigation .