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inverter / инвертер, обратный преобразователь
имя существительное
обратный преобразователь
имя существительное
an apparatus that converts direct current into alternating current.
An electronic inverter converts the direct-current power from the solar panel to usable house current.
a device that converts either of the two binary digits or signals into the other.
I bought a couple of inverters , slim metal discs that sit on the data ports and change true signals to false, and false signals to true.
An active backup power supply with PFC and power output regulation comprises a power factor correction circuit, a backup battery, an inverter and a control circuit.
The inverter converts the direct current produced by the solar panels into AC power that can be used in the home or fed back into a utility power grid system.
An integral inverter changes the direct current to alternating current for transmission into the facility's electrical distribution systems.
The cold cathode accessories each have an inverter , which converts power to the correct voltage and current suitable for the cathode.
The Dynacharger is a fully integrated system utilizing a bi-directional power inverter .
Drive control apparatus for an air conditioner having a modular inverter and a control circuit mounted on a common substrate
Another problem stems from the use of an inverter that supplies alternating current in square waves, rather than the rounded, sine waves produced by conventional generating equipment.
Simply connect the inverter to an available molex connector, and then connect both cold cathode tubes to the inverter on the opposing side.
Current controller for controlling a current flowing in a load using a PWM inverter and method used thereby
Our idea is to take the output through the inverter to a storage battery and out to a pair of hub motors.