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invertebrate / беспозвоночный, бесхарактерный, бесхребетный
имя прилагательное
invertebrate, spineless
spineless, boneless, characterless, invertebrate, molluscous, feeble
spineless, invertebrate, pithless
имя существительное
беспозвоночное животное
бесхарактерный человек
man of no character, doormat, jellyfish, milksop, nincom, invertebrate
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or belonging to the invertebrate division of animals.
Vertebrate and invertebrate animals, land plants, and protists are all represented as fossils in the Solnhofen Limestone.
имя существительное
an animal lacking a backbone, such as an arthropod, mollusk, annelid, coelenterate, etc. The invertebrates constitute an artificial division of the animal kingdom, comprising 95 percent of animal species and about 30 different phyla.
Other invertebrates , including mollusks and crustaceans, are also part of the diet.
Anhydrobiosis is a state of suspended animation certain invertebrate animals enter in response to severe drought.
The possible role of fibroblast growth factors in organization of the limb blastema is explored and the similarities between vertebrate and invertebrate control of regeneration are discussed.
Over the last decade, we have become increasingly aware that environmental contaminants act through multiple mechanisms to alter endocrine functioning in vertebrate and invertebrate species.
He then told us that these first life-forms evolved into bacteria and then into the invertebrate animals, as well as plants.
They are a common adaptation in organisms that use internal fertilization, and have arisen multiple times in a number of vertebrate and invertebrate lineages.
The invertebrate ancestors of vertebrates had gill slits, but these were used primarily for filter feeding; these organisms took up most of the oxygen they needed through the skin.
While ubiquitous among vertebrates, it occurs less frequently in invertebrate phyla.
Minerals, mushrooms, higher and lower plants, invertebrate and vertebrate animals make up the richest museum collection on the Balkan Peninsula.
Vertebrate and invertebrate animals, land plants, and protists are all represented as fossils in the Solnhofen Limestone.
Returning to the United States in 1894, he joined the faculty of the University of California, teaching and carrying out research in both vertebrate and invertebrate paleontology.