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invert / инвертировать, переворачивать, переставлять
turn, turn over, invert, tumble, wamble, upturn
permute, transpose, invert, displace, reshuffle
имя существительное
обратный свод
homosexual, gay, queer, poof, invert, homo
put upside down or in the opposite position, order, or arrangement.
invert the mousse onto a serving plate
имя существительное
an arch constructed in an upside-down position to provide lateral support, e.g., in a tunnel.
Moreover, the permanent concrete invert was constructed close behind the second-stage bench excavation.
a person showing sexual inversion; a homosexual.
a postage stamp printed with an error such that part of its design is upside down.
I did the ‘snowplow’ the whole way down the bunny slope (you know, when you invert your skis into an upside down v shape).
Remove from the heat and invert the mold onto a cutting board.
He gives the reader the same method of dividing fractions as taught in schools today, namely invert the divisor and multiply.
Write down the whole part as the next component of the continued fraction and invert the part after the decimal point.
Forest road builders are finding that open invert or 1/2-pipe solutions are very useful for remote crossings where high fisheries values are identified.
Cool the cake in the pan for 5 minutes; then invert it onto a rack to cool completely.
Remove from the oven and invert the molds onto a sheet pan to cool.
If you simply invert the numerator fraction and multiply it by the denominator, then you get the wrong answer; it comes out upside-down.
Remove from the heat invert the pan onto a cutting board, and remove the pan.
Before you invert the cake onto a serving plate simply place the pan on the stove on low heat for 30 seconds.