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inversion / инверсия, извращение, перестановка
имя существительное
inversion, inverted order of words
perversion, distortion, corruption, inversion
permutation, transposition, rearrangement, reshuffle, shift, inversion
обратное напластование
имя существительное
the action of inverting something or the state of being inverted.
the inversion of the normal domestic arrangement
a reversal of the normal decrease of air temperature with altitude, or of water temperature with depth.
Precise data on vertical rainfall distribution, temperature lapse rate, and the altitude of the temperature inversion on the windward slope exist for this oceanic wet tropical mountain.
the process of finding a quantity, function, etc., from a given one such that the product of the two under a particular operation is the identity.
the adoption of behavior typical of the opposite sex; homosexuality.
Atmospheric inversion usually occurs early in the morning.
That has a fronted negative adjunct and inversion of the subject and auxiliary.
The forecast today had a blue day written all over it, with a strong inversion and a layer of dry air above that.
The inversion of sacred to profane suggests a downward transformation from the spiritual to the material plane, a profane commingling of the human and divine, the flesh and the spirit.
However, it was later shown that inversion of the glucose carbon skeleton does not occur during plant AsA biosynthesis.
It could be argued that participants did not use Inversion as frequently on the Multiplication / Division inversion problems because they could solve the problems quickly and easily using retrieval.
These arguments are an almost perfect inversion of the truth.
The inversion of normal architectonic expectation is not just wilful, but has immense importance for the nature of space and experience.
Though commercial forms of play buy release from work and responsibility, traditional play allows for temporary inversion of the status quo.
Could a chord be played in an alternate, more comfortable inversion in the left hand to give the same harmonic impression, even if the notes don't exactly match those on the printed score?