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inventory / инвентарь, инвентаризация, опись
имя существительное
inventory, stock, implements, furniture, list, bill
inventory, stocktaking
inventory, register, schedule, calendar, sked
имя прилагательное
составлять опись
вносить в инвентарь
имя существительное
a complete list of items such as property, goods in stock, or the contents of a building.
About 6 per cent of the slaves listed as sick in inventories of sugar properties suffered from cansaço or exhaustion.
make a complete list of.
It seemed that this person might have been chasing particularly items, but since the whole collection wasn't inventoried , it was really impossible to say.
Nothing sits for long: The booming reseller typically turns its inventory over in less than 20 days.
If you wish, you may stop at any time, save your answers, and return at a later time to complete the inventory .
For liability reasons, Tucker suggests that tower owners employ a third party to inventory the site to show areas of danger concerning the site hazards.
in our warehouse you'll find a large inventory of new and used bicycles
The National Pollutant Release Inventory is a legislated, nation-wide, publicly-accessible inventory of pollutants released, disposed of and recycled by facilities in Canada.
Commenting on the trust inherited by Alexander, she claimed that the family had been denied an inventory of its contents.
All of these things can be studied by quantifying relative diversity levels, instead of waiting for centuries to inventory every species that ever was fossilized.
Many times on high profile trauma cases, police detectives would inventory the evidence with a nurse to ensure chain of evidence was intact.
Thus the market-maker in securities can finance its inventory , and the fund manager can also raise short-term moneys, without disturbing its underlying, portfolio.
Once you have a theme in mind, take a moment to inventory the decorative objects you already have around your house, then hit secondhand stores to complete the look you've chosen.