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inventive / изобретательный, находчивый
имя прилагательное
inventive, ingenious, resourceful, cunning, shifty, full of resource
resourceful, smart, nimble, inventive, cute, tricky
имя прилагательное
(of a person) having the ability to create or design new things or to think originally.
she is the most inventive painter around
If someone making that amount can be still be poor, the need for inventive , broader programs is clear.
The inventive Horniman Museum has yet another unusual display, this time of textiles from Savu.
The English language is at its most inventive when describing the various states of inebriation.
The Electoral Reform Commission might have been a bit more inventive in relation to that matter.
She has a lot of time left to develop her skills and to become a competent and inventive designer.
Tex Avery had wit, quicksilver charm, and near-boundless inventive genius.
It has a quite unique look on its own, and feels fresh and inventive when watching.
He is widely regarded as the world's best and most inventive chef.
The six episodes of Series One were so fresh and so inventive you couldn't help but want to see more.
If we believe in our ability to be inventive and resourceful then we have every reason to believe we can make changes.