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invent / изобретать, придумывать, выдумывать
invent, devise, contrive, forge, engineer, hammer out
invent, think, think up, think of, devise, concoct
invent, think up, make up, dream up, fabricate, fib
compose, write, invent, pen, think up, weave
create or design (something that has not existed before); be the originator of.
he invented an improved form of the steam engine
If extreme sports didn't exist big business would have to invent them.
I did not have to invent any tales about my past
He's a very reserved young man, so people talk and they invent funny tales about him.
journalists invent stories about celebrities
Pari, in turn, would invent long stories and narrate them to her friend.
Anyway, the point Marwick is making is that the historian does not create or invent the structure found in the history text.
I did not have to invent any tales about my past
I believe somebody once said, ‘If religion did not exist man would have to invent it’.
Anyone who wants to make a better mousetrap has to invent around existing mousetrap patents.
Although Allen Lane did not invent the idea, he was certainly responsible for its initial success.