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inveigle / соблазнять, заманивать, обольщать
tempt, seduce, lure, entice, allure, inveigle
entice, ensnare, trap, wile, allure, inveigle
seduce, flatter, debauch, inveigle, blandish
persuade (someone) to do something by means of deception or flattery.
we cannot inveigle him into putting pen to paper
we cannot inveigle him into putting pen to paper
The dog makes one last attempt to inveigle her into a game of ‘fetch’, and fails to move her.
Only when she has managed to inveigle him into a marriage would the process of dismantling and rebuilding his character begin.
The ego's greatest triumph is to inveigle us into believing its best interests are our best interests, and even into identifying our very survival with its own.
Equally, the somewhat vulgar individuals known as ‘bar reps’ will attempt to inveigle you into participating in all manner of hideous rituals, known collectively as ‘drinking games’.
Bewitched by Sylvia's beauty, he inveigled himself into her life, throwing his money around and trying to manage the family's affairs while her husband Arthur stoically accepted it.
It purports to be a tale about a man who inveigles himself into a false identity, but this aspect of the plot never emerges clearly.
Spokes said it with an air of either respect or inveiglement .
Once, after inveigling my way, wide-eyed, into the great man's company, I asked him how a man who was as emaciated as he was found the energy to fight as he did.
Newton had been inveigled into publishing his explanation of the rainbow, asserting that the colours of the rainbow are generated from white light (as from the Sun) merely because they are ‘differently refrangible’.