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inveigh / яростно нападать, ругать, нападать
яростно нападать
swear, scold, abuse, berate, revile, inveigh
attack, assault, assail, hit, come, inveigh
speak or write about (something) with great hostility.
nationalists inveighed against those who worked with the British
he liked to inveigh against all forms of academic training
In other words, it is not always clear whether they are inveighing against the application of a general natural scientific approach or of positivism in particular.
In particular he has inveighed against the proposition that women should be encouraged by law and circumstance to rise through the ranks of business or politics.
Speaker after speaker inveighed against their inability to speak out against the Tesco plan.
Is this corporate welfare really any different or less costly than the kind most of these people inveigh against ?
And so there was no lack of critics last week inveighing against this ‘waste’ of public money.
On a recent visit to Ireland, I was caught off-guard by a Dublin taxi driver who inveighed against the current wave of new immigrants.
It's Republicans who are inveighing against this kind of non-ideological solution.
Nationalists inveighed against those who worked with the British and the Dutch, were friends of the colonials and not true Indonesians or Singaporeans or Malays.
Can't we persuade the journalists busy inveighing against poor Harry to take on that cause instead?