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invective / инвектива, выпад, брань
имя существительное
lunge, thrust, invective, insult, pass, hit
abuse, scolding, language, vituperation, invective, abusive language
имя прилагательное
vituperative, invective
offensive, abusive, insulting, humiliating, mortifying, invective
имя существительное
insulting, abusive, or highly critical language.
he let out a stream of invective
Rarely have I read a more bitter, laudably splenetic piece of invective .
he let out a stream of invective
The appointed writer for the day polishes them up with the appropriate invective and posts them.
Soccer worldwide makes a science of invective against match officials after any game turning decision goes against them.
Both load up their arguments with gobs of personal invective , which also makes me suspicious of their arguments.
Mr Moore fired up the young crowd with a potent combination of satire, humour, invective and righteous anger.
There's a long road ahead of us, and invective at this stage doesn't help us in any way.
We've all hurled invective into voicemail's dead ears as it runs through its unholy litanies.
The wilful Welshman was quick to test his new manager, reacting to that substitution at The Valley with a stream of invective .
News reaches me, however, of referees fighting back against what seems to be a tidal wave of invective and abuse hurled in their direction.