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invariant / инвариант
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
unaltered, constant, unchangeable, immutable, invariable, invariant
constant, standing, permanent, continuous, regular, invariant
имя прилагательное
never changing.
the pattern of cell divisions was found to be invariant
имя существительное
a function, quantity, or property that remains unchanged when a specified transformation is applied.
For example, in Euclidean geometry, the relevant invariants are embodied in quantities that are not altered by geometric transformations such as rotations, dilations, and reflections.
As in all mixture problems, this model is not identifiable as the likelihood is invariant under any relabeling of the populations.
In contrast, was relatively invariant among populations because the number of segregating sites was largely determined by the presence of both alleles.
However, the scholarship of revivals has not emphasised the possibility of significant invariant qualities in appropriated or ‘revived’ folk culture.
Results for ecstasy and traditional hard drug users were highly invariant , but the ecstasy users' rate of previous hard drug use was much higher than that of any other group.
In villages, families throng at the lone hand pump for the stuff: this is a sight that is so invariant in India that you might be forgiven for thinking hand pumps go back to Vedic times.
Absence of major oceanographic anomalies in the immediate vicinity of Johnston Atoll may contribute to relatively high and invariant survival in Brown Boobies.
Consistent with the close phylogenetic relationships of the species sampled, most nucleotide sites were invariant in pair wise comparisons.
So looking at whether something makes people happy is largely futile. In statisticians' terms, you are looking for variance in something that is invariant .
Also in 1887 Voigt first wrote down the transformations and showed that certain equations were invariant under these transformations.
All these are invariant in our sequences, of both sets A and B.