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invariable / неизменный, постоянный, неизменяемый
имя прилагательное
unaltered, constant, unchangeable, immutable, invariable, permanent
constant, standing, permanent, continuous, regular, invariable
unchangeable, invariable, irrevocable
имя существительное
constant, invariable
имя прилагательное
never changing.
disillusion was the almost invariable result
The results are invariable light, crisp and as tempting as food could possibly be, and the whole experience far less traumatic than I imagined.
The invariable result is always supposed to be mass unemployment, industry collapse, and economic meltdown - until someone points out reality.
They have denied the distinction between higher and lower, to the invariable advantage of the latter.
How did their fossil remains get sorted into an invariable order in the earth's strata?
This development was important because the rule was meant to be invariable , such that it constituted absolutely reliable support for the proving of the thesis proposition.
With the almost invariable practice of boiling vegetables with its consequent loss of vitamins, the practice of providing fresh fruit with the meal would have much to recommend it.
These details are not mentioned by the Gospels, but are an invariable feature of every icon of the Nativity.
It isn't just an occasional failure, it's an invariable failure.
The invariable response, when you tell a child that the celebrities have been submerged in mud and entombed with rats, is ‘Why?’
The null hypothesis tested in this study, then, was the proportion of invariable sites model plus either site-specific or gamma-distributed rate variation.