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invalidity / недействительность, немощь, дряхлость
имя существительное
invalid, invalidity, nullity
infirmity, debility, invalidity
decrepitude, senility, infirmity, invalidity, caducity, anility
имя существительное
the fact of not being valid.
the invalidity of their independence declaration
the condition of being an invalid.
Both disorders were a major cause of invalidity from the forces.
Another step forward was the progressive declarations of invalidity extended to certain laws, decrees, and edicts issued in Stalin's time.
He points out the statistical invalidity of a study of a mere nine cases.
In Prussia the Gewerbeordnung of 1845 provided for sickness, invalidity , and old-age funds in the craft industries and these were extended to factory workers in 1849.
Such a legislative change per se cannot be unconstitutional in the absence of some further invalidity .
The five categories of risk are sickness, invalidity , old age, accidents at work and occupational diseases, and finally unemployment.
There is some Anglo-American authority that repos constitute a loan on security, with consequences such as invalidity through a failure to register as such.
the invalidity of their independence declaration
He was a reforming works and pensions secretary who must tackle the thorny problems of invalidity and provision for old age.
Having reached this decision, I need not concern myself further about the validity or invalidity of Certificate 31 and the timing of its issue.
However, I do not think that the validity or invalidity of those reasons is relevant and I shall not discuss them.