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invalidate / аннулировать, лишать законной силы, делать недействительным
cancel, annul, void, revoke, nullify, invalidate
лишать законной силы
invalidate, outlaw
делать недействительным
invalidate, nullify, negate, irritate, flaw, vitiate
make (an argument, statement, or theory) unsound or erroneous.
His second is that finding unpleasant - even horrible - application of a scientific theory or philosophical argument invalidates the theory.
deprive (an official document or procedure) of legal efficacy because of contravention of a regulation or law.
a technical flaw in her papers invalidated her nomination
And the judiciary is given the power to strike down legislation, invalidate legislation that it considers is inconsistent with those rights.
However, having your will reviewed by a good attorney guards against loopholes in the document that could invalidate the will in your state.
This does not invalidate the moral argument against hunting but does begin to explain why a minority can make so much noise and commotion while the rest of us are obliged to tolerate their antics.
This need not invalidate the argument for a continuing bridge between cultures.
That ‘debt deflation dynamics’ have not manifested themselves thus far in the US does not invalidate the theory.
Federal Courts have the power to review and invalidate legislative acts which are contrary to the Constitution.
The reporter did ask, ‘Well, doesn't that invalidate just war theory as a whole?’
How funny that you would try to turn my statement into a racist tome in order to invalidate my point.
So far, so good, but there is one thing that could invalidate that prediction.
He also said that all the pertinent questions had been asked and answered and that the inconsistencies did not invalidate the officers' statements.