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invalid / недействительный, больной, необоснованный
имя прилагательное
invalid, void, ineffective, null, unavailable, bad
sick, ill, sore, diseased, ailing, invalid
unfounded, unwarranted, ungrounded, baseless, unsound, invalid
имя существительное
disabled, invalid, handicapped, cripple
patient, invalid, case, inmate
invalid, invalidity, nullity
делать инвалидом
делаться инвалидом
имя прилагательное
not valid, in particular.
Each judge, said Marei, will prepare a written statement showing figures concerning how many voters the station included, how many voted and the number of valid and invalid votes.
имя существительное
a person made weak or disabled by illness or injury.
an invalid husband
remove (someone) from active service in the armed forces because of injury or illness.
he was badly wounded and invalided out of the infantry
If an argument is invalid , there is no deduction for it in the system.
He produced an invalid passport and failed to inform the officer that it was not valid.
Any philosopher can tell you this is an invalid argument.
But when they tried to claim they were told their policy - for which they had paid a monthly premium over a four-year period - was invalid .
she spent the rest of her life as an invalid
The argument is manifestly invalid as there is no way that can be derived from (a).
Second, we can try to show that the conclusion does not follow from the premises, and thus the argument is invalid , proving nothing.
It seems to default to either redrawing the menu or logging out if you select an invalid menu option, which again can be confusing if you're not in a harmless text editor.
If any invalid entries are detected, flashing arrows appear next to the input fields and a popup dialog box describes the specific problems.
The Corporation announced that an invalid SSL certificate that web sites use is required to be installed on the user computer to use the https protocol.