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invade / вторгаться, оккупировать, захватывать
invade, intrude, encroach, impinge, violate, barge in
occupy, invade
grab, capture, seize, grasp, grip, invade
(of an armed force or its commander) enter (a country or region) so as to subjugate or occupy it.
it was all part of a grander French plan to invade Ireland
But it was your country that wanted to invade this place.
Critics have charged that the program will give the defence department the power to invade personal privacy.
He was someone special enough that they could let him invade their comfortable place.
This cancer can invade nearby tissue but rarely, if ever, spreads (metastasizes).
On the pretext of a threat to their security, they invade an independent country far away from home.
Plants are exposed to a great number of pathogenic microorganisms, but a relatively small proportion of them are able to invade plants and cause diseases.
it was all part of a grander French plan to invade Ireland
Ramblers never wanted the right to invade the countryside, just the opportunity to appreciate it.
The possibilities include adding extra points for financially motivated hackers, or for intruders that invade an individual's privacy.
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