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inure / служить, приучать, вступать в силу
serve, minister, inure, beg, enure, answer
accustom, teach, habituate, inure, school, break
вступать в силу
take effect, come into force, come into effect, go into effect, enure, inure
accustom (someone) to something, especially something unpleasant.
these children have been inured to violence
come into operation; take effect.
a release given to one of two joint contractors inures to the benefit of both
You'd think my Southern nature would inure me to this weather.
You agree that all use of the Logo, and all goodwill arising out of such use, will inure to the sole benefit of the association.
The higher charge didn't inure to the benefit of the defendants in that case.
Chennai's citizens are quite inured to the problem of water scarcity.
They are inured to charges of lies or corruption - violence and prurience are what moves them.
The Board of Directors will not place itself in conflict of interest, with respect to private inurements deriving from services rendered to the Association.
The routinization of this kind of scandal in academia has almost inured us to the possibility of recourse.
They think we are inured to the whole business and, in any case, suffused with a boredom with the political process.
Private property is in essence a cluster of rights inuring to the benefit of the owner, freely exchangeable in accordance with the terms of private agreements, and recognized and protected by common consent.
Perhaps it works best if seen as a character study of Detective Coleman, an examination of a cop who has seen so much evil that he is inured to it.