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inundate / наводнять, затоплять, наполнять
flood, overrun, infest, inundate, deluge, saturate
flood, inundate, submerge, overflow, swamp, drown
fill, refill, fill up, imbue, charge, inundate
overwhelm (someone) with things or people to be dealt with.
we've been inundated with complaints from listeners
the islands may be the first to be inundated as sea levels rise
Flash floods, of the kind which suddenly and without warning inundate a whole town under many feet of swirling water, only occur in mountainous areas or where dams break creating a tidal wave.
Most flood-control projects involve widening, deepening and straightening channels so they can hold a larger volume of water before they can inundate adjacent flood plains.
In successful nesting seasons, when floods did not inundate the nesting ground and predation was not severe, many young titanosaurs would survive.
Four more people drowned in eastern India on Wednesday and an overflowing river threatened to inundate low-lying areas around Patna, the populous capital city of Bihar state, relief officials said yesterday.
This site could more effectively control floods and would not inundate park land.
When the precipitation rate increases in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, floods inundate southern China and Bangladesh and drought hits some of the remotest Indian villages.
This is particularly important in low-lying countries such as Bangladesh, where a one-metre rise in sea level would inundate half of the country's rice land with saltwater.
The majority of the rivers overflow and inundate roads and houses.
The building of the canal is expected to control the annual floods that inundate many parts of the capital, causing much loss of life and property.
At least 50 dead as floods inundate much of Jakarta