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intuition / интуиция, наитие
имя существительное
intuition, insight, instinct, feeling, sixth sense
имя существительное
the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
we shall allow our intuition to guide us
we shall allow our intuition to guide us
The history of science tells story after story of challenges to human intuition .
Use your intuition and telepathy to decide whether either of these cards should take precedence over a non-trump Ace.
If the analyst does not know how to behave, or hold the frame, there is little room for intuition .
In following your inner guide, wisdom and intuition you feel more whole, integrated and centered.
We're trusting our intuition a lot more and being able to rely on each other's intuition .
When I think about it, probably what I'm being told to do is just to run with my intuition and common sense.
She totally keeps amazing me with her intuition , her perception and her intellect.
I've heard it vaguely before, and it exposes a hole in my understanding and intuition , if true.
Instinct and intuition rule their actions and decisions and reason be dammed!