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intuit / знать интуитивно, постигать интуитивно
знать интуитивно
постигать интуитивно
understand or work out by instinct.
I intuited his real identity
On a deeper level, I do believe that kids can intuit many aspects of the nihilist worldview - the possibility that suffering is meaningless, or that the only thing that happens after death is putrefaction.
They seemed to intuit the value of the vehicle during peacetime, and they were already positioning themselves for whatever civilian market there might be for the beloved vehicles.
But, beyond what we will never know or understand about this often deliberately cryptic film, can we intuit a core logic, a phantasmal logic, which holds it together?
But you did not have to be a socialist to intuit the complex structures of class discrimination of Irish life; you just had to grow up in a provincial Irish town in the mid-20th century.
This is to say, you will learn to intuit the same symbols that you would otherwise need to see laid out in front of you in a physical manifestation.
The less music there is, and the more it's repeated, the more you intuit its presence and meaning; the more it becomes an actual character.
Did I subconsciously intuit these principles when I picked my design?
What can we learn from online work communities and today's online affiliatory communities (like online dating) to intuit the third space of the near future, both internationally and in Europe?
But, somehow we're supposed to immediately intuit that orange represents grains and blue represents dairy products.
So the only thing you'd be left with was in fact the possibility that the cat might intuit this fact or that the mouse would attempt to communicate with his earlier cat-self.