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intrude / вторгаться, навязываться, навязывать
invade, intrude, encroach, impinge, violate, barge in
intrude, obtrude, obtrude oneself, chisel in, impose oneself
impose, force, intrude, enforce, thrust, obtrude
infiltrate, intrude, mix up
embed, root, intrude, inculcate, implant, plant
put oneself deliberately into a place or situation where one is unwelcome or uninvited.
he had no right to intrude into their lives
(of igneous rock) be forced or thrust into (a preexisting formation).
the granite may have intruded these rock layers
They did not want the real effects of the war to intrude on the reality-TV version being broadcast to the public.
Any attempt by the Labour mafia to intrude a political crony or some ‘socially inclusive’ candidate into the specialist, highly sophisticated milieu of the National Galleries would be an outrage.
And it cannot cross the line into attempts to intrude on the court's authority and punish judges for making decisions one doesn't like.
I saw no reason to intrude the real world on his Saturday.
to intrude political criteria into military decisions risks reducing efficiency
It also goes to show that in both countries, the rights of the majority intrude on the minority - on Muslims in Singapore and non-Muslims in Malaysia.
I think he would regard it as a kind of emotional cheating or play-acting - consciously to intrude the personality into the work.
he had no right to intrude into their lives
While the fact their child is a resident also means that, aside from helping their children out financially, they can also check up on their children's welfare without appearing to intrude on their new-found freedom.
Beauty will not intrude on proceedings when the bell sounds on Saturday for a bout between two fighters, one explosively combative, the other composed and skillful.