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introvert / интроверт, робкий человек, застенчивый человек
имя существительное
робкий человек
timid, milquetoast, sheep, introvert
застенчивый человек
milquetoast, introvert, sheep
втягивать внутрь
сосредоточиваться на самом себе
имя существительное
a shy, reticent, and typically self-centered person.
It's generally thought that shyness goes hand in hand with introversion, but many introverts simply prefer solitary to social activities.
Before I did the art course I was very introvert and worried about my survival.
Yes, I am an extrovert person in real life and the roles in some of my more hit films were those of the introvert , quite person.
All my life I'd acted like an extrovert, when I always knew in my heart I loved nothing more than indulging my introvert self.
An introvert by nature, he channeled his frustration into wrestling, a sport known for its solitude and discipline. The family moved to a two-story home on a winding, leafy street in Woodland Hills.
I'm still an introvert , but I was way introverted then.
Can an introvert be a successful autograph seeker?
So just how does an avowed introvert who shuns fame and has lacked, for the last 16 years she says, the basic ability to make friends, take such an extroverted record on the road and communicate it to others?
An introvert by nature, he is also rated by team-mates as a ‘serial pest’ because of his willingness to participate in dressing-room pranks.
I am an introvert , I am a loner, and so the nature of who I choose to love (or who chooses to love me) has very little to do with how I spend my time outside the bedroom.
I mean it's affected his life horrendously so, and it made him very introvert , Larry.