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introspective / интроспективный
имя прилагательное
introspective, reflex
имя прилагательное
characterized by or given to introspection.
he grew withdrawn and introspective
This, their second album, takes a much more thoughtful and introspective direction than their previous, more rocky music.
It wasn't easy, she admits, and she has not arranged them chronologically, but rather to establish an introspective and confessional storyline.
He's very introspective and reflective, and he's caught up in the problems of existence in a non-religious world.
Then some of them are very contemplative and introspective .
But if this introspective process ensures companies are not overvalued in the market, then it perhaps creates better stability in the long term.
Have you recently done a bit more self-analysis, introspective digging around?
Every three weeks I leave it until the last minute, can find sod all to write about, and end up with something introspective to the point of self-indulgent.
Kate can turn Pete into a mumbling, introspective bore
Its dark brooding tone matching the introspective loneliness of its hero makes it the antithesis of its 1944 predecessor.
Are we more introspective or more extroverted in wanting to share our thoughts?