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introspect / заниматься самоанализом, вникать, смотреть внутрь
заниматься самоанализом
penetrate, fathom, introspect
смотреть внутрь
examine one's own thoughts or feelings.
what they don't do is introspect much about the reasons for their plight
Even if you do not recall being abused, the novel theory of rediscovered memories allows you to claim that he actually did, although you did not know it until an abuse therapist helped you to introspect in middle age.
So consciousness is perhaps unnecessarily a deep mystery and one solution to the problem is a kind of a dissolution, it's the claim that well it's a kind of pseudo-problem that we construct we introspect and think about ourselves.
Candlelight vigils, teddy bears and gardens full of flowers notwithstanding, the town is unable to introspect on the real reasons for the tragedy.
The leader has no need to control but rather is content to observe, to let things unfold, to introspect , and to ponder the meaning of something in a mindful way.
Every day we introspect , one need not wait for 25 years to reflect what one should do in the next 25 years also.
Well you can introspect , I can attend to consciousness outside my visual field but as soon as I do I've changed the phenomena, I've turned it into consciousness within attention.
In fact, we are encouraged to introspect and make deep, lasting spiritual changes in ourselves in the year ahead of us, as we leave behind our old, sin-spotted selves, and strive to become the people God wants us to be.
what they don't do is introspect much about the reasons for their plight
What he thought a self was, was just a kind of continuity of impressions but that when we introspect we can't really find anything that we call ourselves.
This paper suggests a wider and deeper understanding of human sexuality as being essentially different than that of other mammals because of our ability to self-reflect and introspect .