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introductory / вводный, вступительный, предварительный
имя прилагательное
introductory, parenthetical, initiatory, introducing, propaedeutic, prefatory
opening, entrance, introductory, admission, inaugural, prefatory
preliminary, advance, preparatory, introductory, anticipatory, interlocutory
имя прилагательное
serving as an introduction to a subject or topic; basic or preliminary.
an introductory course in Russian
The problems were addressed in an introductory graduate level econometrics course.
Safe storage of weapons is part and parcel of introductory training at the basic police academy level.
There's a chapter in every introductory economics textbook about innovation and competition.
During my sophomore year of college I took an introductory acting course as an elective.
I've decided to waive the cost of this initial consignment as a introductory offer.
It's easy enough, it's a basic introductory essay to the topic so the tutor can assess our skills.
If you can, apply for one of the many cards offering an introductory interest-free period on transfers.
As an introductory offer, electronic cards are being offered free of subscription fee for the first year.
Section 1 includes two introductory chapters that provide a suitable opening to the book.
Are customers still benefiting from that special introductory rate on purchases?