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introduce / вводить, вносить, представлять
enter, input, introduce, inject, set, bring in
introduce, enter, bring in, import, move, carry in
represent, present, introduce, furnish, perform, deliver
bring (something, especially a product, measure, or concept) into use or operation for the first time.
various new taxes were introduced
make (someone) known by name to another in person, especially formally.
I hope to introduce Jenny to them very soon
insert or bring into something.
a device that introduces chlorine into the pool automatically
occur at the start of; open.
a longer, more lyrical opening that introduces her first solo
‘Let me introduce us to you more formally,’ he offered, taking them closer to the table.
DNA replication is known to introduce short insertion and deletion mutations through various forms of strand misalignment.
Doctors introduce the device through a small puncture in the groin area before entering the Merci Retriever into an artery leading to the brain.
Barnes tries to introduce the song, but the drummer's making a little too much racket for his liking.
to introduce sb to the audience
He told a conference yesterday that he wants prices for high speed Internet access to come down, or the Government would introduce regulations and legislation to bring prices down.
Changes in the personnel might see a partial reversal of that, allowing up to 30 states to introduce legislation banning or limiting abortion.
to introduce new products to the market
Draft regulations that will govern the Bill seeking to introduce legislation to control smoking in public places have been published for consultation.
If it doesn't like a particular scheme it can immediately introduce legislation to close it down - and the rules will apply retrospectively.