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intrigue / интрига, интрижка, политиканство
имя существительное
intrigue, plot, cabal, scheme, maneuver, machination
intrigue, scheme, plot, machinate, cabal, trinket
имя существительное
the secret planning of something illicit or detrimental to someone.
the cabinet was a nest of intrigue
a mysterious or fascinating quality.
within the region's borders is a wealth of interest and intrigue
arouse the curiosity or interest of; fascinate.
I was intrigued by your question
make secret plans to do something illicit or detrimental to someone.
the delegates were intriguing for their own gains
On the contrary, they add to the allure of women and are image-altering - they can help to create an air of mystery or intrigue or even an air of authority or power.
A tale of murder, bribery, betrayal and intrigue follows as the plot gathers pace and Solomon races to towards the finish line.
This movie has it all: romance, mystery, intrigue , danger, and who can forget the airplane cutouts and midget mechanics.
In fact, few vegetables offer as much intrigue as the mysterious mushroom.
The normally staid boardrooms of the country's big car makers have been rocked by allegations of bribery and sexual intrigue .
I like a bit of substance and depth to my characters, plot and general intrigue .
within the region's borders is a wealth of interest and intrigue
They like secrets, intrigue and fantasy and we are going to talk to them through Bruno.
Mystery and intrigue still surround the crash, which claimed 35 lives, and today his family are still fighting for an official explanation for the accident.
He also discovers a nest of intrigue , decadence and a heathen willingness to murder people very casually if they get in your way.