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intricate / сложный, замысловатый, запутанный
имя прилагательное
complex, complicated, sophisticated, compound, intricate, composite
intricate, knotted
entangled, tangled, intricate, complicated, knotty, tricky
complicate, tangle, perplex, puzzle, ravel, intricate
tangle, entangle, foul, knot, kink, intricate
имя прилагательное
very complicated or detailed.
an intricate network of canals
Even more seriously, this is a play full of the most intricate , knotty, compacted language.
He says there is a difficult and intricate question about whether there was a duty of care in law.
It turned into five weeks' hard labour as we unravelled the intricate rhythms and built the complex set.
There are some enticing snippets of intricate detail but these are too few and far between.
It sounds a bit dull when I say it like that, but it was an enormously complex and intricate piece of work.
All this really means of course is that if someone wants to find out about you in intricate detail they will be able to.
The arrangements are intricate without being fussy or complicated for the sake of it.
The intricate detail and structure of this miniscule world is breathtaking.
I seem to remember my dreams in unusually intricate detail and twice as often as most people.
The slow section for the four leading dancers is intricate and complex.