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intravenous / внутривенный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
existing or taking place within, or administered into, a vein or veins.
an intravenous drip
During my final year, an exciting innovation was intravenous fluid therapy for calves with acute diarrhoea.
Even if you have to hire a private ambulance complete with wheelchair and intravenous drip, you must come in the following day.
Chemotherapy may be administered either systemically via the oral or intravenous route or by hepatic infusion.
In intravenous drug abusers it can occur where a vein is regularly punctured with a needle.
Some anorexics need to be hospitalized and administered intravenous fluids.
We do often give some intravenous sedation for the stronger peels such as the phenol peel.
intravenous drugs
You will have an intravenous drip to maintain your bodily fluids until you are able to eat and drink.
An old man sits on the street administering an intravenous drip to himself.
The source of infection was blood transfusion in 23 patients and intravenous drug use in two.