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intramural / очный, происходящий в стенах, находящийся в пределах
имя прилагательное
происходящий в стенах
находящийся в пределах
имя прилагательное
situated or done within the walls of a building.
both intramural and churchyard graves
Because all physical education classes and intramural practices or games are approximately 1 hour in duration, we described exposure in terms of hours of participation.
The intramural squabbling and partisan agendas of the past thirty-five years have often inhibited the discerning engagement with the culture that is imperative for a community of disciples called to be salt and light.
During its course, this class developed a highly competitive intramural athletic program, where competition was keen and spirited, perhaps a classic understatement.
This term, intramural basketball has been more popular than in previous summer terms with a whopping 43 teams.
Athletics first appeared on American college campuses as an intramural activity, a much-needed recreational complement to academic life.
The building was put up in 1862 and in 1875 hosted an intramural hockey game pitting two teams of McGill students.
These include human resources, payroll and purchasing, as well as accounting functions such as billing, intramural processing and cash management.
In conclusion, coronary angiodysplasia combining large coronary aneurysms with diffuse dysplastic lesions of intramural vessels seems to be a rare entity with benign prognosis not requiring surgical repair.
And all these intramural battles will be for nothing.
The Ex-Presidents Club, after all, does not look kindly on intramural criticism.