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intractable / неподатливый, трудноизлечимый, трудновоспитуемый
имя прилагательное
unyielding, stubborn, intractable, unaccommodating, unamenable, uncompliant
intractable, obstinate
intractable, indocile
имя прилагательное
hard to control or deal with.
intractable economic problems
Injections that block nerve transmission in the plexus may be helpful in the treatment of intractable abdominal pain, such as in cancer of the pancreas.
In part this flows from the recognition that many of the most intractable social problems are not simply economic or even political.
The recollection is of a religious zealot, a somewhat dull and intractable man in stark contrast to his master, the virile and volatile Henry VIII.
This problem has grown increasingly intractable because of changing social expectations about parenthood.
They are intractable in their thinking, they are unreasoning and unreasonable and it's just a waste of breath to talk to them.
After years in the doldrums, the economy is picking up, and the seemingly intractable budget deficits have been avoided for the past two years.
People with diabetes may develop a particularly intractable form of disordered eating that is not readily amenable to treatment.
Nothing is more frightening - no economic problem more intractable - than a deflationary spiral.
Germany, with its intractable economic problems, is seriously considering it.
Under those circumstances, it's hard not to simply decide that the problem is intractable and give up.