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intoxicate / опьянять, отравлять, напоить допьяна
intoxicate, befuddle, besot, inebriate, slew, sozzle
poison, bane, blight, intoxicate, envenom, empoison
напоить допьяна
intoxicate, fuddle
имя существительное
intoxication, intoxicate
(of alcoholic drink or a drug) cause (someone) to lose control of their faculties or behavior.
We don't allow people into sessions if they are intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.
poison (someone).
When she was certain that the embrace intoxicated him enough, she moved quickly and grasped the knife from his belt and pulled away harshly.
I do a lot of these cases and all of the abuse in this case happened when Paula had an alcohol problem, when she was intoxicated .
‘As a teenager, I was intoxicated , drunk on the words,’ he says.
I have never been able to catch that feeling again, and I think it was mostly due to the fact that I was completely intoxicated , after not much more than a plastic cup of alcohol.
Yes, but you don't get tired, your feet don't hurt, the beer only intoxicates you if you let it, and every woman that you'll see will be smoking hot.
The test is recommended for on the spot testing whenever alcohol consumption is planned or intoxication is suspected.
In his later teens, he became intoxicated by the accordion styles of the great press and draw players, notably Joe Cooley, Jackie Daly and Tony McMahon.
Obviously she was pretty drunk because when I'm intoxicated I'm not exactly the most attractive guy in the world.
If a large quantity of a given drink intoxicates , then a small quantity of that drink is forbidden.
War, he explained, simplifies and focuses life; it offers purpose and thus exhilarates and intoxicates ; it is, in the words of Hedges's title, a ‘force that gives us meaning.’