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intone / интонировать, модулировать, запевать
intone, intonate
modulate, intone, inflect, intonate
intone, set the tune, strike up a song, intonate
say or recite with little rise and fall of the pitch of the voice.
he intoned a short Latin prayer
What they will do is read out a death sentence, intone a chant, then set upon the hostage from all sides.
This led to some confusion about whether or not the men of the choir would intone the chant again.
Whereas there were about 100 people in the mosque, as many as it could fit, rows and rows of barefoot men listening to a pre-recorded voice intone prayers in Arabic.
Winning is like ‘a drug’, intoned the German flier.
When they start singing, the bishop intones a Gregorian style chant that sounds both orthodox and Arab and the choir provides a deep rhythmic descant that is unmistakably African.
He heard her voice intoning something from inside.
His voice grows richly guttural as he intones each angel's name.
Another child in similar garb appeared behind her striking a different pose before intoning his own little chant.
Thumbing a button, she raised the disc to her head and began to speak, intoning the routine blither in a stiflingly mind-numbing voice.
I try to read as deadpan as possible, like an academic intoning a hallowed text.